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primary research

primary research


Metal halide perovskite toxicity effects on Arabidopsis thaliana plants are caused by iodide ions (2022)

Eline M. Hutter, Reiny Sangster, Christa Testerink, Bruno Ehrler, Charlotte M. M. Gommers

iScience, Vol. 25(1)

open access


GUN1-independent retrograde signaling targets the ethylene pathway to repress photomorphogenesis (2021)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers, María Águila Ruiz-Sola,  Alba Ayats,  Lara Pereira, Marta Pujol,  Elena Monte 

Plant Physiology, Vol. 185(1)

open access

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 10.07.14.png

Organ-specific phytohormone synthesis in two Geranium species with antithetical responses to far-red light enrichment (2018)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers, Sara Buti, Danuše Tarkowská, Aleš Pencík, Jason P. Banda, Vincent Arricastres and Ronald Pierik 

Plant DirectVol. 2 (8)

open access


Circadian Waves of Transcriptional Repression Shape PIF-Regulated Photoperiod-Responsive Growth in Arabidopsis (2018)

Guiomar Martín, Arnau Rovira, Nil Veciana, Judit Soy, Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz, Charlotte M.M. Gommers, Marc Boix, Rossana Henriques, Eugenio G. Minguet, David Alabadí, Karen J. Halliday, Pablo Leivar and Elena Monte

Current Biology, Vol. 28: 311-318


Molecular Profiles of Contrasting Shade Response Strategies in Wild Plants: Differential Control of Immunity and Shoot Elongation (2017)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers, Diederik H. Keuskamp, Sara Buti, Hans van Veen, Iko T. Koevoets, Emilie Reinen, Laurentius A.C.J. Voesenek and Ronald Pierik

The Plant CellVol. 29: 331–344 

open access

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 17.44.07.png

Integration of Phytochrome and Cryptochrome Signals Determines Plant Growth during Competition for Light (2016)

Mieke de Wit, Diederik H. Keuskamp, Franca J. Bongers, Patricia Hornitschek, Charlotte M.M. Gommers, Emilie Reinen, Carmen Martínez-Cerón, Christian Fankhauser and Ronald Pierik

Current BiologyVol. 26: 3320-3326 

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 17.42.43.png

Perception of low red:far-red ratio compromises both salicylic acid- and jasmonic acid-dependent pathogen defences in Arabidopsis (2013)

Mieke de Wit, Steven H. Spoel, Gabino F. Sanchez-Perez, Charlotte M. M. Gommers, Corne M. J. Pieterse, Laurentius A. C. J. Voesenek and Ronald Pierik

The Plant JournalVol. 75: 90-103

open access


Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 10.03.08.png

Seedling establishment: a dimmer switch-regulated process between dark and light signaling (2018)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers and Elena Monte

Plant Physiology, Vol. 176: 1061–1074

open access

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 09.58.46.png

Shade tolerance: when growing tall is not an option (2013)

Charlotte M. M. GommersEric J. W. Visser, Kate R. St Onge, Laurentius A. C. J. Voesenek and RonaldPierik

Trends in Plant Science, Vol. 18: 65-71




As an Associate Features Editor (AFE) for the ASPB journal Plant Physiology, I used to publish commentaries or news & views, which appear alongside a research paper. For more information about the AFE's, click here. 


To read my contributions, click on the titles below:

The Photobiology Paradox Resolved: Photoreceptors Drive Photosynthesis and Vice Versa (2020)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 184: 6-7

Keep Cool and Open Up: Temperature-Induced Stomatal Opening (2020)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 182: 1188-1189

Adapting to High Light: At a Different Time and Place? (2020)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 182: 10-11

Light triggers the search for light (2019)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 180: 695-696

Plastid sulfate transporters open doors to abiotic stress resistance (2019)

Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 180: 12-13

Another gun dismantled: ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE4 is not a target of retrograde signaling (2019)

Amna Mhamdi and Charlotte M.M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 179: 13-14

The healing power of light (2018)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 178: 9-10

Save time and fish for the clock (2018)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers

Plant Physiology, Vol. 177: 871-872

A spotlight on photobiology (2018)

Charlotte M. M. Gommers and Scott Hayes

Plant Physiology, Vol. 177: 437–438

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