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  • Charlotte Gommers

Here’s one for the team

My research is embedded in the Plant Physiology department, which holds various research lines studying plant adaptation to changing (stressful) environments. Even though we all work together very closely, the first couple of months only Mariëlle Schreuder (lab manager) and me were studying the role of chloroplast retrograde signals in abiotic stress signaling.

But I’m very happy to say that since September, we can actually call ourselves a research group! We welcome Konstantinos Ntoumos (PhD student), Reiny Sangster (MSc student) and Niels van de Haar (BSc student) to our little team. I’m very proud to see how all team members support each other and involve in setting up our research line in the department. Want to know more about them and their research? Check out ‘the team’ page on this website.

from left to right: Niels van de Haar, Reiny Sangster, Mariëlle Schreuder, Charlotte Gommers, Konstantinos Ntoumos


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