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  • Charlotte Gommers

The team in Teams

In the midst of this global crisis, surrounded by insecurities, our team is luckily still going strong! We miss the lab, our plants and the social interactions with colleagues around the coffee table, but are fortunate to be able to work from home in good health.

Some good news: In February, Marietheres (Mites) joined our little team as an Erasmus exchange student from Germany, to start up the green light project. Just after finishing her first trials, we were forced to drop all lab activities. Nevertheless, she got so enthusiastic about working in our lab that she has now started working on a project proposal that will hopefully lead to funding for a PhD position in our lab! Good use of home-working time! And a great addition to our team. Welcome Mites!

Let's hope we can soon go back to working in the lab, as this is what makes us enthusiastic about science. And if we're lucky, we find our new climate cabinet there waiting for us! But for now, we will keep up the spirit and hang out as a team in Teams (and Slack, e-mail, whatsapp, Skype, etc. etc...).


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