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  • Charlotte Gommers

New Lab, New Web

Welcome to my shiny new website! I wish to share my ongoing work, experiences and other interests here with whoever is interested in reading it. And my new job as an assistant professor in the laboratory of Plant Physiology (Wageningen University), will bring loads of new exciting experiences, so I'm sure this home page will fill up over time. I have already submitted a project proposal, I am guiding a student to submit his, and am planning on some cool and refreshing collaborations. Besides that, I will soon start to teach my first course here at Wageningen University, which has already forced me to dive into the world of exams, blackboards, course manuals, late student registrations, practical assistance, etc. Exiting and challenging at the same time!

Oh, and besides all this I am starting up my own research line within this department. I hope to unravel the role of chloroplast signals in perception of and adaptation to abiotic stresses (read more on this website and the lab's website).

A new job also comes with a new office, which is not bad! The big windows give me a nice view over the WUR campus (photo) and provide me with the needed light.


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